The power of voice: Comment in the hand program of the concert “Youth with own voices”

Everyone remembers bedtime lullabies sung by their parents or grandparents; those melodies have been recorded in our memories and possibly will be the last thing we’ll forget. During our lives we incorporate new themes to our personal soundtrack, especially in situations linked to our emotional relationships: the sweet -and sometimes soft- song that goes along with the first love that makes us smile every time we listen to it, or the other one that, with torn lyrics, illustrates the first disillusion, establish some inspirational verses that help us do what a vortex of sensations in an emotional storm doesn't let us do: to express our feelings.  

On the other hand, the popular wisdom already says it: “who sings frightens away his ills”. Nowadays we can affirm this saying: when we sing, we breathe deeper and oxygenate all our body; our vocal cords' vibration have a stimulating and relaxing effect at the same time; we tone the abdominal muscles, our back and, specially, our facial ones[LR6] , causing an effect even more remedial than a wrinkle cream; coordinating lyrics and music, we train different parts of our brain; and, from a deeper point of view, singing about our feelings helps us to face our circumstances in a more positive way.   In conclusion, whether with a lullaby, a Schubert’s lied, a heavy metal ballad, a groundbreaker punk manifesto, or even humming in the shower, if we sing we will be happier and we will help other people to feel like us.  

Well then, let's say it singing!