The music, an opportunity: Comment in the hand program of the announcement concert of the Arts &

From Orpheus with his harp to the rap singers nowadays, the music has always helped to express emotions. During these moments of doubt and uncertainty -like the one we're living now- where everything staggers, the universal language of music can be the best tool to express, share and together make a better world. More than 2000 years ago, Aristotle already theorized about the influence of music on humans, and throughout the 20th century those theories have been developed and scientifically checked. Therefore, it's proven that music provides physical and psychological benefit, but we would need to break some stereotypes to make it accessible for everyone, not only the classical branch, not only the modern one, today's concert brings us the opportunity.

Let's break the stereotype that classical music is for old people, that it's boring, retrograde and elitist, and we can change this with a single event: in today's concert, an audience of all ages will listen for free to young musicians playing a repertoire of music with the same ingredients as a jazz or a rock concert: rhythm, melody and harmony.

What actually is boring, retrograde and elitist is to give credit to these stereotypes. Any music (classical, modern, postmodern or futuristic) is for everyone who wants to listen. Today may have been for some people the first introduction to Bach, Debussy or César Franck, but for those that missed this opportunity we propose to you a little game: tonight, when you're home, listen to any piece of music that you had been ignoring until now, and enjoy, look for the purpose, find the message, we're sure you won't feel indifferent.