Let's allow them to teach us: Comment in the CD i and hand program of the concert "Llegendes del Mus

Toward the end of 1913, the dean of Harvard University Law School, observing the progress of a young student named Cole Porter, advised him to abandon the study of law and devote himself to music. It seems he decided to heed this advice and this decision has delighted the rest of humanity. Now, a hundred years later, some sixty young musicians and The Cobla Orchestra La Principal de la Bisbal, conducted by Francesc Cassú, have decided, without anyone’s advice, that we should end the day a little happier. Obviously, in this case as well, this decision will delight the rest of humanity.

When those of us of a certain age think of young people, we tend to see them as subjects who learn, and while this is true, what we often forget is that we can learn a lot from them too. It is clear that during our youth we absorb knowledge, values, attitudes and ways of communicating that will mark us for the rest of our lives, tools that will help us live better; however, everyone who will listen to Llegendes del Musical will have learned a lot in a few minutes. These young people will have taught us that professionalism goes far beyond a paycheck, that enthusiasms grows the value of experience exponentially. We will have a good example of the fact that being young is not incompatible with discipline and effort, so let’s allow them to teach us.